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About LCCI

LCCI is a portfolio of work-related modular qualifications created to give learners targeted and specialised skills and knowledge needed to enter and thrive in the workplace. Our qualifications have been designed in collaboration with employers and professional bodies to ensure each qualification provides students with necessary industry-related skills.

Offering a broad range of subject areas across English language, financial and quantitative, marketing andbusiness as well as business administration and IT. LCCI qualifications equip learners with work ready skills to prosper in their careers.

LCCI qualification types

LCCI qualifications are suitable for a wide range of learners aged 14 and over, and are available as single subjects, diplomas and group certificates.

Single subject qualifications

The majority of LCCI qualifications are at levels 1 to 4.

  • LCCI Level 1 qualifications improve your basic knowledge and skills in a particular subject or business-related job area.
  • LCCI Level 2 qualifications are usually the minimum entry requirement for jobs. They give you good knowledge and a solid understanding of a subject or business-related job area.
  • LCCI Level 3 qualifications develop your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level.
  • LCCI Level 4 qualifications help you to become a specialist in your area of learning or work.

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LCCI Diplomas

LCCI Diplomas are a recognised, effective way of combining subjects in related fields to create a comprehensive demonstration of ability, skills and knowledge. Some mandatory modules in our Diplomas allow progression to ACCA and CIMA professional qualifications.

There are three types of LCCI Diploma:

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