Education Empire is a provider for educational programmes for young learners, teens and adults, where the main objective is enabling everyone to reach and maintain success through education. 

Education Empire is sister company of The IG Club and in partnership with more than 200 universities worldwide in addition to top-notch educational organisations.

We believe that the most important strength of our business that we value our team members, invest in them and let them climb up the organisation hierarchy to the top. All our team members are eligible to 100% free admission to all educational programmes provided in house and up to 80% coverage for some educational programmes provided in some firms.

We believe in equal opportunity and diversity, giving everyone the right to  be employed and our only scale is competency.

Below listed available vacancies in our organisations, if you are interested please read the job description and job requirements carefully and send your resume over by email.

Vacancy: Senior Teacher

Vacancy: Teacher (Maths, Science & English)


Vacancy: Co-teacher (Maths, Science & English)

Vacancy: English Language Teacher



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