English Language Programmes (8 – 18 years)

Looking for advancing your child in English language?

Our programmes are designed for children from age of 8 to 18 years old, where we use curriculum by Cambridge that is designed to boost English for non-native speakers.

All our programmes are delivered in cooperation with The IG Club to prepare students for joining British schools at any key stage.

Our programmes:

English as a second language programme (Cambridge)

This is a fresh, vibrant and upbeat course designed to engage teenage learners and make them think. As well as building students’ language skills, it offers a holistic approach to learning: developing their thinking skills, encouraging them to reflect on values and building their self-confidence.

English Writing Programme

A special course designed to hone students skills in English writing. This course consists of 2 levels.

English Reading Programme

A special course designed to make students practice on comprehension exercises, where extracting information correctly in short time.

Preparation for School Admission test

A special course designed to prepare students for British schools admission test.


Above programmes are available in private tutoring. However fees are subject to change.

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