British Schools Students Programme

Education Empire supports school students doing British International Curricula from year 4 to year 8, by providing them supporting classes in English language, mathematics and science.

Our programme helps students who are enrolled in the british system or looking to join in the future by having them attending classes with professional teachers already teaching in top-notch schools in small groups (5 or less). Classes are equipped with latest technology in teaching in addition to various learning resources that would help student in learning and starring.

Our programme is extremely flexible that our academic calendar is announced every month and students are free to attend topics they need support in from various years. For example, if your child is a student in year 6 and she needs support in a topic that was taught in year 4, you can signup for her in that class.

In addition, our programme includes preparation for Cambridge primary and lower secondary checkpoint exam.

Our co-teachers will be available to help students in further practising and supporting students who need more attention. Co-teachers are IGCSE graduates who were selected based on their excellent academic performance and their ability to support students.

Programme for: year 4 – year 8

Subjects: English, Mathematics & Science

Learning resources used: text books, study sheets and others

Working days: 7 days ( 4 PM – 8 PM)

Benefits of our programme:

  • Organised that you will always find our team working with you for success.
  • Our teachers are experienced and well trained.
  • We monitor our teachers performance and take your comments seriously.
  • Sustainable availability.
  • Quality learning in a safe environment.
  • Reasonable fees.


How to enrol in this programme and get all updates?

Fill this application form and you will be contacted by phone and email.

Call 01210837777 if you have inquiries.


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